Building and Improving Business Systems

Opportunity Assessment

To ensure that you make the optimal system investment, our Opportunity Assessment delivers a strategy based on your situation and your goals. We provide a road map that spells out a clear and comprehensive plan to realize the maximum return from your new system.


Specifications – Once goals and objectives are established, Demand Logic develops a detailed set of specifications.

Vendor Selection – Demand Logic guides our clients through the critical steps of research, evaluation, selection and validation.

Build – Although the specifications are complete at this point, Demand Logic keeps the stakeholders actively engaged in crafting the end product.

Quality Assurance – Before going live, Demand Logic conducts robust quality assurance processes that include technical testing, user acceptance and operational readiness testing.

Train – Old habits are hard to break . . . Demand Logic facilitates effective training to ensure successful implementation.

Transition – Demand Logic facilitates the different departments transitioning to their new operating paradigms to ensure that the business goals are successfully met.

Demand Logic has the IT Leadership to map out the strategy that aligns IT to your business goals and the Project Management expertise to implement best in class results.